Argisht Partez
The most luxury apartments in Golden Sands!
Situated in the embrace of the bay of Varna and the golden beaches of the resort, Argisht Partez is a unique jewel that will give you a romantic and exotic blue summer feeling.
You will find warm hospitality and an unforgettable holiday amidst Palms and a unique garden. You will feel a mood of freshness and freshness around the extensive outdoor pools. The spacious apartments will create a sense of tranquility and comfort that will make your holiday a complete and enjoyable experience. With its magnificent garden, good service and professional experience of Argisht Partez employees will impress your taste.
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Argisht Partez means “Park of King Argisht”
The name of the complex comes from the name of the ruler of the ancient kingdom of Urartu in southwest Asia - King Argishti I, who ruled in 786-764 BC.
Part of the natural park “Golden Sands”
On the territory of the complex is a huge green park with an area of 10 000 m2.
Consists of 11 main entrances
A modern complex with columns in the Sumerian style.
Winner of Luxury Property Awards
We get Best Seaside luxury complex.
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