Hotel guests check in after 14:00 on the day of arrival. The cost of the booked accommodation is paid in advance, on the day of arrival, in Bulgarian leva /BGN/.

Check-out of rooms – until 12:00 on the day of departure.
If you do not leave the room at the indicated time, a fee of 50% of the cost of the night will be charged.
If you would like to keep your room or extend your stay, please let the front desk know. Please note that in the event of a late check-out or an extension of the stay, the room may be subject to change.

When leaving the room, please leave the key at the reception. Lost key will be charged 50 BGN.
The removal of property from the hotel (towels, blankets, sheets, pillows and other property) and their use on the beach is not allowed.
You can meet friends and guests in the common areas of the hotel.
All payments for the services used are made in Bulgarian leva (BGN).

Breakfast is served in the main hotel restaurant from 8:30 to 10:30,
lunch from 12:30 to 14:30
snack from 16:00 to 17:00.
dinner from 18:30 to 21:00

In order to comply with hygiene requirements, according to the regulations of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, the import and storage of non-perishable foodstuffs in hotel rooms is not allowed.
Exceptions are allowed for dietary and diabetic products with the express consent of the Manager.

Cooking in hotel rooms, as well as the use of household and electric heaters is not allowed.

In accordance with Bulgarian law, all indoor areas of the complex are non-smoking.
Guests who do not comply with our rules will be subject to a fine of 200 BGN, which will be added to the room bill.
Smoking areas are located in the outdoor areas of the hotel.
According to Bulgarian law, alcohol is not offered or served to guests under 18 years of age.
Please do not take cups, food, dishes from restaurant.
Please do not enter the restaurant with swimsuit or wet closes.
Do not take food, fruits, drinks in pools.
Please smoke only in special places for smoking.
Smoking in apartment is prohibited – penalty fee 100 euro.
Do not put your clothes on the railing of your balcony.

Guests in swimwear are not allowed to enter in the restaurant.
The hotel does not tolerate:
unacceptable noise level or incorrect behavior of guests towards other guests;
arrogant behavior of persons in a clearly intoxicated or hooligan state, leading to the destruction or threat of destruction of hotel property;
public order disturbance.
Should guests refuse to comply, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking without being liable for a refund or compensation.
Do not make noise, parties, drinking after 23:00 up to 8:00 at the territory and in apartments. In addition, 14:00 until 16:00 is a quiet time in the complex according to Bulgarian legislation. Please respect and follow these rules during your staying in the Argisht Partez complex.
It is not allowed to make noice after 23:00 in apartment and in the territory.
It is not allowed to play football, or use rollers, bikes and other vehicles on a territory of the Argisht Partez Hotel

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

The hotel is equipped with a video surveillance system covering public areas.

Rooms are cleaned daily from 08:00 to 16:00. If a Do Not Disturb sign is posted before 3:00 pm, the room will be cleaned the next day. If you need anything after 16:00, please contact the front desk.

In case of discovery of things, the administration of the complex undertakes to contact the guest and send the lost thing at the expense of the owner.
The administration of the complex is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal items, unclaimed and unclaimed within 30 /thirty/ days.

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